Weather in Kotor

Useful information for boat tour Kotor

Over the years of experience we created our weather impressions for each month in a year.

Choose the month and get information what to expect during your speed boat tour in Kotor.


December, January and February

These months are the coldest months in Kotor and it is very important to have warm clothes during the boat tour. Also during the winter in Kotor are not so many tourists.

Good time do be on the boat tour in these months is between 11:00am and 03:00pm.

On semi sunny or cloudy days Perast private tour is a good choice because you will spend around 22 minutes in one way on the boat, so it won't feel so cold.

For Blue Cave private tour is recommend very sunny day because temperature in these months is around 12 Celsious which is very cold, especially for long boat tour.

Good to mention is 95% of people don't swim in those months. Temperature of water is approximately 12 Celsious.

Check availability for those months and get the best prices in whole city!


March, April

In March and April you can expect a lot of sunny days in combination with rain or wind.

During these months 50% of people swim, but please be aware that jacket is needed because your speedboat will cruise around 22 nautical miles which is very fast and expect to be cold on your way back from the Blue Cave tour.

Good time to be on the boat tour in these months is between 10:00am and 06:00pm.

Perast tour, group or private are our choice when weather is not completely sunny, but when is sunny Blue Cave group tour or Blue Cave private tour are perfect choice.


May, June

Sea likes these months because days are very sunny and sea is warming up and preparing for hot and sunny summer season. Sometimes rain can come unpredictably and refresh you during the tour, but don't worry, our speedboats are equipped with rain coats.

For swimmers, jacket is recommendable for way back from the Blue Cave tour.

Perast tour  is recommendable in the morning around 09:00am - 10:00am and you will avoid crowds on island Our Lady of the Rocks and old town Perast.

Around 65% of people swim in those months and good time for boat tours is between 09:00am and 06:00pm.


July, August

These months are the warmest in the year and Blue Cave is the famous place for visiting. It can be crowded inside the Blue Cave due to high water and air temperature. West wind is common for this time of the year and can cause a bit bumpy way to the Blue Cave at the exit from Bay of Kotor.

VIP half day boat tour is the best choice for this time of the year because you can set visiting time of the Blue Cave and avoid crowds.


September, October

From begging of September everything slowing down and temperature are dropping over the days. Sea is colder than usual, but still nice and refreshing. For way back from the Blue Cave jacket is recommendable for people who choose to swim.

Wind direction with rain showers can be unpredictable and sometimes tour can be postponed or cancelled due to safety of our guests.

Sometimes sea can be rough at the open sea, but worth seeing the Blue Cave.



Month with the most rain in Kotor is November. Short tours like Perast tour are recommendable. Also, in sunny days Blue Cave tour  is always a good choice.

Prepare jackets, it can be sunny and rainy during the tour.

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